Alias  Roxas-X-Namine
 Age  16
 Sex  Male
 Date of Birth  October 1, 1995
 Profession  Student

About Me[]

My Account Name is "Roxas-X-Namine" but my Trademark Name is "Wingblade". They can be shortened as RXN and WB.

I became a fan of Radiata Stories a month ago(at October 1, 2011 specifically). I'm an experienced Wiki or Wikian(whatever they call it), so I think I will be a BIG help here.

I noticed there are some unfinished articles and articles yet to be made. So if I have the time, I'll be sure to fix that problem.

To Do List[]

  • Finish the game with a 100% completion that includes:
  1. Complete Friends List Entry
  2. All Abilities
  3. See both Non-Human and Human Paths
  4. All Records
  • Make the articles not yet to be made.
  • Fix some errors and add some missing stuff on the Wiki.
  • Make some friends.
  • Find an image for my Information Box or InfoBox.


  • If Radiata Stories wasn't published by Square Enix, he probably won't be playing the game or be in this Wiki.