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Nice to meetcha! My name's ReBeL.NiGHT, or Jake as I am usually called, and welcome to my humble userpage! :)

If you have any questions, need any help, or just want to make a friend and talk, please feel free to leave me a message on my Talk page! I'll respond to it ASAP, although my life does get extremely hectic at times, so I apologize if it takes a long time for me to respond.

About Me[]

I've been playing Radiata Stories since 2005 when it came out and it just so happens to be my third favorite game of all time. Sure, it's simple and quirky, but that's what makes it special. Plus, it has 101 recruitable characters and I'm overly obsessed with characters :P not to mention, the fact that it was my birthday present that year probably helped me love it even more!

I have several hundred hours clocked into playing the game (no joke, I've probably replayed the game at least 10 times through). I've cleared both the Human and Non-Human Paths, but I prefer playing the Human Path. I am currently replaying the Human Path, and then will be doing the Non-Human Path in my next playthrough.

Favorite Characters: Leona, Miranda, Natalie, Felix, Rynka, Eon, Flau, Johan, Elmo, Elwen, Gareth, Gene, Nina and Adina for the Human Path and Romaria, Franz, Rika, Mikey, Gil, Shin, Fan, Marsha, Keane and Goo.

Favorite Couples (Hetero): Jack/Flora, Ganz/Rynka, Ganz/Adele, Elmo/Marietta, Genius/Ridley, Thanos/Alicia, Cross/Nina, Eon/Flau, Jack/Natalie, Mikey/Leona, Franz/Romaria, Shin/Fan, Shin/Ridley, Dynas/Belflower.

Favorite Couples (Yaoi): Eon/Jack, Mikey/Genius, Eon/Elmo, Johan/Aidan, Gil/Franz, Dynas/Gerald

Favorite Couples (One-sided): Dennis/Alicia, Leonard/Natalie, Santos/Rika, Mikey/Jack, Cosmo/Lily, Elmo/Lily, Rachel/Jack


Category First Best Second Best Third Best Fourth Best Worst
Overall Protagonist Elwen Gil Natalie Ridley Cross
Male Protagonist Gil Dynas Genius Jack Cross
Female Protagonist Elwen Natalie Ridley Rynka Anastasia
Male Support Mikey Gawain Gerald Elmo Jarvis
Female Support Flau Leona Miranda Fan Synelia
Human Male Felix Eon Gareth Gene Rolec
Human Female Natalie Leona Miranda Flau Synelia
Non-Human Male Mikey Shin Franz Gil Den
Non-Human Female Fan Rika Romaria Keane None
Human Couple Jack/Natalie Eon/Jack Elwen/Jack Eon/Flau Jack/Anastasia
Non-Human Couple Shin/Ridley Mikey/Leona Mikey/Genius Santos/Rika Fan/Galvados
Weapon Paradigm Holy Sword Gram Arbitrator Leviathan Empty Bottle
Armor Divine Coat Fayt Armor Alefstrain Leather Armor Recruitment Suit
Skill Auto Cure Absorb HP Status Cure King of Day Prevent Curse