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White Town of Stars and Faith with Flora





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Nurse Uniform


Prevent Blind


Cure All Effects, Paralyze Gas

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Morfinn's Clinic


Synelia is a nurse and the receptionist at Morfinn's Clinic. She lives in the White Town of Stars and Faith along with her roommate, Flora. Synelia found a Man's Picture on the way home one night and kept it because she likes older men.

Friends List[]

Synelia is the receptionist at Morfinn's Clinic. She is the only one who understands his riddle-like speech, and she is the reason the clinic is run so smoothly. She also has the ability to diagnose a sick person simply by talking to them.

Game Data[]


Name Type Element Range Description Effect
Cure All Effects Cure None Long Uses medical knowledge to cure all status ailments . Cures all status ailments of the target.
Paralyze Gas Attack None Long Throws a ball of gas, sometimes causes paralysis. Paralyze 3.0


Name Element Description Effect
Nurse Uniform None Typical uniform worn by nurses. None


Level HP Attack Defense Evasion Luck
1 84 25 30 25 30
25 454 72 67 73 30
50 840 121 106 124 129
75 1227 169 146 176 181
99 1597 217 183 224 229
Skill Skill Level
Prevent Blind

Thought Process
Timid > Timid > Timid

Kick Duel Stats[]

Party Members EXP Dagols Dropped Items Dropped
Synelia 11 10 Sage


At first glance at Synelia's stats one would think she's not useful at all. However she does come in handy if utilized correctly. She has the lowest HP of any character in the game and she is not equipped for fighting. She is still able to perform in battle however, due to having a long ranged attack and a full Timid AI, she will rarely wander too close to an enemy. Her true strength is her ability to cure ailments. While other characters from the Olacian Order can also do this, Synelia requires no charge time as she uses medication instead of prayer. She can be useful to quickly cure status and cause small damage from the side with the added chance of paralysis.

Recruit Party[]





Friend Tutorial event


Step 1[]

Talk to Synelia in Morfinn's Clinic and answer 3 consecutive questions correctly

Questions Answers
How many stories high is Theater Vancoor? 4

The former high priest of the Olacion Order was High Priestess Enjela. Who is the current High Priest?

Radiata is surrounded by 4 regions: Dova, Adien and Cuatour. What is the fourth? Tria region
What animal is the president of the Vareth Magic Institute? An Owl
Who is the son of Theater Vancoor's Bruce? Nick
Who is the king of Radiata? Jiorus
Who is the captain of the Violet Chevre brigade? Natalie
What kind of store does the animal lover Mr Nask run? General store
What does Theater Vancoor's Daniel have as a pet? A crocogator
Who is the author of "Achieving Ether Tranmission with Zero Mass Loss"? Curtis
What is the name of the son of Void Community's Ms Rynka? Cody
What kind of hair does the Void Community's Mr Pinky have? Afro
What is the dish Tria Village's Ms Saron is most proud of? Soup