The Radiata Knights are an organization in Radiata Stories. They reside in the Castle at the center of the city of Radiata. There are six brigades mentioned by name in the game, though there are likely more:the Rose Cochon, Violet Chevre, Noire Mouton, Argent Faucon, Blanc Chevalier, and Rouge Lion.

Known Members[]

Rose Cochon[]

Violet Chevre[]

Noire Mouton[]

Argent Faucon[]

Blanc Chevalier[]

Rouge Lion[]

Unknown Brigade[]


  • The names of the six known brigades are French and all contain a colored theme to their name (all but one also involving an animal):

Rose Cochon Pink Pig
Violet Chevre Purple Goat

Noire Mouton

Black Sheep
Argent Faucon Silver Hawk
Blanc Chevalier

White Knight

Rouge Lion Red Lion
  • While most of the brigades' names are pronounced properly in French, the Violet Chevre brigade is mispronounced so that it rhymes. It should be SHEV-ruh, rather than shev-RAY. It is also the only brigade which should be written with an accent (chèvre rather than chevre)
  • The manga mistakenly refers to the Noire Mouton as the Noire Chevre.
  • What brigade Nina is in is only mentioned in the manga, in which she informs Jack at Ridley's party that she has been placed in Ridley's brigade.
  • What brigade Leonard is in is not stated for certain. However, he refers to Natalie as boss, and in the manga, Natalie refers to Leonard as her subordinate, so he is likely a member of the Violet Chevre.

Out of all these brigades, only three was considered elite, while Cross says his brigade is the best, it is known as a ascending one in the manga, possibly meaning he was recently made a captain as Ganz was.