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Witch Cloak, Skill Upper


Fighting Spirit


Energy Drain

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Vareth Magic Institute


Morgan is a professor at the Vareth Institute. She is extremely interested in black magic, like spirits and curses. However, she doesn't have the proper funding for her studies, and needs to mooch off others to keep her research alive.


Morgan teaches students on both the Star and Moon Tower, from 6:10-8:40 and 11:15-18:00. She needs funding for her current research and asks Jack to provide her with the money. After lending her 43,000 Dagols, Morgan joins the party in thanks for helping with her finances.

Depending on the players gameplay, she may appear as a date for Jack the Fireworks Festival after choosing the Human Path. Later at the end of the game, depending on gameplay, she can be seen running up to the Radiata Gates to watch Jack leave. This hints at a possible love interest for Jack, although it never gets a true story to develop it afterwords and can be done with any other female (and Charlie).

It was her father's idea to name her Morgan.

Friends Book[]

A professor at the Vareth Magic Institute. Her major interest is black magic, which includes the study of spirits and curses. She is one of the only few people researching beneficial applications of the magic, which most consider to be cruel and wicked. Despite her appearance, she has something of a meek and accommodating personality.

In Battle[]

Morgan is a typical black mage, and is made to attack from any distance. Morgan has one spell- Energy Drain. This drains health from any foe, and replenishes her own. This ignores any guard and is non-elemental, making her a good all-around mage, especially against a single opponent.


  • Adventia

Element: None

  • Witch Cloak

Element: None

  • Skill Upper

Effect: Evasion +2


Name Type Element Range Description Effect
Energy Drain Attack None Long A magical ball absorbs HP from the foe. None


0:00-4:10 Morgan's Residence
4:10-4:15 Orso's Apartment 1st Floor
4:15-4:45 Path to the Beast Pit
4:45-4:55 Blue Town of Water and Wisdom
4:55-5:10 Vareth Magic Institute
5:10-5:20 Cafeteria
5:20-5:30 Moon Tower
5:30-6:10 Moon Tower Interior
6:10-8:40 Moon Tower Research Lab
8:40-9:15 Moon Tower Interior
9:15-9:25 Moon Tower
9:25-9:35 Cafeteria
9:35-10:15 Vareth Magic Institute
10:15-10:30 Cafeteria
10:30-10:40 Star Tower
10:40-11:15 Star Tower Interior
11:15-18:00 Star Tower Research Lab
18:00-18:30 Star Tower Interior
18:30-18:35 Star Tower
18:35-18:40 Star Tower- President's Office
18:40-20:35 President's Office
20:35-20:40 President's Office- Moon Tower
20:40-20:50 Moon Tower
20:50-21:00 Cafeteria
21:00-21:15 Vareth Magic Institute
21:15-21:25 Blue Town of Water and Wisdom
21:25-21:55 Path to the Beast Pit
21:55-22:05 Orso Apartments 1st Floor
22:05-0:00 Morgan's Residence

Recruit Party[]

Level: 32 Timing: Friend Tutorial


  • Step 1:

Talk to Morgan between 11:15 and 17:45 and donate 1,000 Dagols

  • Step 2:

Talk to Morgan on a different day at the same time and donate 3,000 Dagols

  • Step 3:

Talk to Morgan on a different day at the same time and donate 9,000 Dagols

  • Step 4:

Talk to Morgan on a fourth separate day at the same time and donate 30,000 Dagols.