Lord Nogueira
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Lord Nogueira' is the leader of the Dark Elves. He is however a Light Elf and Lord Zane's older brother.

Lord Nogueira about to perform the transpiritation ritual.

seen at Forest Metropolis during Jack's second mission in his knight brigade. He seems to possess more tolerance toward humans than Zane would, especially considering how Genius had asked him for entry to the City of Flowers several times before.

Lord Nogueira

His brief time in the story held importance regarding Ridley and Zane. When the Blood Orcs attacked, Ridley was gravely injuried, as was the light elf Hap. Lord Nogueria used the Transpiritation Ritual to save them both. Later, Lord Zane claims that Lord Nogueria got the Algandars disease and died as a direct result of the ritual. Angered, Lord Zane uses this as reason to wage war on the humans.

Oddly enough, there is a small window of time in which a kick duel can be initiated with Lord Nogueira. He is quite skilled with many magic attacks, such as summoning an Inferno, or calling down multiple bolts of lightning.

Enemy Stats (Kick Battle)[]

Defeating Nogueira earns the player a Moon Stone. Experience is usually around 2550, while Dagols usually come out to be around 214.

(Please note that these figures can change depending on your characters' luck scores and any items you might be carrying.)

Level HP Strength Defence Evasion Luck
46 2317 215 158 133 54

Moves Element Range Power Other
Inferno Fire Long 0.8 1~4 hits, Blaze (1.0)
Wave Thunder Wind Long 1.5 1~5 hits, Blind (1.0)
Magma Gush Fire Long 1.0

Blaze (1.0), Ignore Parry, Launch

Thunder Ball Wind Long 400% 1~5 hits, Bind (1.0)


  • Contrary to his younger brother, his hair wraps counter-clockwise around his body.
  • "Nogueira" is Portuguese for "walnut tree".