Leona Weissheit
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Room 102 of Leopearl Apartments, Blue Town of Water and Wisdom



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Ancient Magic Book


Vareth Uniform, Lucky Charm


Fierce Defense


Khar-fu, Na Rhubi, Read Book

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Genius' Sister


Vareth Magic Institute


Leona Weissheit is a recruitable character in Radiata Stories. She is a student of the Vareth Magic Institute and Genius' younger sister. She is naturally shy and, like her best friend, Marietta, tends to be clumsy. She studies under the tutelage of Christoph and Jill, alongside her classmate and Cecil's son, Aidan.

Jack Russell initially encounters her on his way to the Vareth Institute when the two accidentally bump into each other. Leona apologizes and asks if he has seen her glasses, which she fails to realize are still on her head (a fact that makes her blush heavily upon realization). She then thanks Jack for his help and runs off before she is late to class, although she accidentally trips and is hit by both the nearby wall and her airborne book.

Friends Book[]

Leona is a student of the Vareth Magic Institute and Genius' younger sister. While working hard under Cecil, she managed to decipher some magic documents left by the original president of the institute. She is the only one who can read the manuscript. A very shy and timid girl, she always has a worried look on her face.

Game Data[]


Name Type Element Range Description Effect
Khar-fu Attack None Long Rune magic is used to unleash lasers from triangular gimlets created by runes. Ignores Guard
Na Rhubi Attack None Long Rune magic is used to create a magic spot where an unknown force attacks the foe. Ignores Guard
Read Book Other N/A N/A Reads a book of rune magic. Only she can understand the language. N/A


Name Element Description Effect
Ancient Magic Book None A magic book stored in Vareth, filled with words and theories not comprehensible to laymen. The metal-plated edges can deliver a fair amount of damage. None
Vareth Uniform None Uniform of the Vareth Magic Institute. It is the envy of all mage trainees. Uniform enthusiasts are extremely fond of the design. None
Lucky Charm None A more powerful version of the Luck Bracelet. Increases Luck greatly when equipped. Luck +15


Level HP Attack Defense Evasion Luck
3 102 49 25 33 45
25 738 129 74 92 104
50 1461 220 130 160 172
75 2183 311 187 227 239
99 2877 398 241 292 304
Skill Skill Level
Fierce Defense *

Thought Process
Brave > Timid > Timid

Kick Duel Stats[]

Party Members EXP Dagols Dropped Items Dropped
Leona, Heavy Guardsman (x2), Light Guardsman (x2) 19 277 Invincibility Med


Leona is a surprisingly useful mage, despite not being a Guild Leader. Her true strength lies in the combined power of her unusually high Attack power, rivaling that of even Clarence and Gerald, along with the ability to bypass the enemies' guard. Along with the infinite range of her spells, Leona can be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Her primary weakness is the amount of time it takes to charge her attacks. Unlike other mages, Leona has a considerable starting lag to all of her spells. Because of this, a weaker enemy may have been destroyed or the spell may be executed when the foe is knocked down or counterattacking, rendering her attack useless and forcing her to wait again before executing another attack. Additionally, her average HP and Defense can endanger her at times, but because of the infinite range of her spells, she likely won't approach the frontlines at any point, unless placed in a Link.



Level Timing
N/A The Red Lion


Step 1 Begin the Leona's Glasses sub-scenario.
Step 2 Talk to Leona in the Vareth Institute Library. She tells you that she is interested in the Voynich Manuscript.
Step 3 Ask Leann about the Voynich Manuscript.
Step 4 Retrieve the book from Aldo.
Step 5 Talk to Leona in the Library again and hand her the Voynich Manuscript.
Step 6 Talk to Leona again to learn about the Book of Angels.
Step 7 Retrieve the Book of Angels from the treasure chest in the Septem Cave accessed via Algandars Castle.
Step 8 Return to Leona when she is in the Library, and give her the Book of Angels.


0:00-7:05 Leona's Residence
7:05-7:10 Leapearl Apartments Floor 1
7:10-7:35 Blue Town of Water and Wisdom
7:35-7:50 Vareth Magic Institute
7:50-8:10 Cafeteria
8:10-8:25 Star Tower
8:25-8:40 Star Tower Interior
8:40-10:45 Star Tower Research Lab
10:45-10:55 Star Tower Interior
10:55-11:10 Star Tower
11:10-11:30 Cafeteria
11:30-11:45 Vareth Magic Institute
11:45-11:55 Vareth Magic Institute 2nd Floor
11:55-19:45 Library
19:45-19:55 Vareth Magic Institute 2nd Floor
19:55-20:05 Vareth Magic Institute
20:05-20:30 Blue Town of Water and Wisdom
20:30-20:40 Leopearl Apartments 1st Floor
20:40-21:00 Leona's Residence
21:00-23:45 Leona's Residence


Battle Quotes

  1. "The runes have great powers."
    • When Leona defeats an enemy
  2. "I thought we were all dead!"
    • When Leona defeats the final enemy
  3. "G-Get up! Please!"
    • When Jack is knocked down
  4. "Ack!"
    • When Leona is knocked down
  5. "G-Genius!"
    • When Leona is knocked out
  6. "T-Thank you very much."
    • When Leona is healed
  7. "They're all after me!"
    • When Leona is hurt by a strong enemy
  8. "I'll try!"
    • When Leona is given a command
  9. "Huh? Something's hot!"
    • When Leona is afflicted with Blaze
  10. "I-I don't especially like fighting."