Jack, Natalie, Leonard, and Guards outside Fort Helencia

A Human is a type of race in Radiata Stories. Most humans reside in Radiata City, though some can be found at small villages throughout the world, such as Nuevo Village, Tria Village, and Solieu Village. Prior to the split, humans occupy Fort Helencia.

More than half of the characters that can be recruited by Jack are humans. They generally fall into one of 5 groups: Theater Vancoor, Olacion Order, Vareth Magic Institute, Radiata Knights or Void Community. Humans that don't belong to one of these groups are generally villagers that live outside Radiata, or shop owners.

Humans can be challenged to kick battles or encountered as enemies after choosing the non-human side (post-split), although Burglars are always hostile, regardless (with minor exceptions, such as Ridley Silverlake at the start of the game, or Gawain on the way to the Gold Dragon Castle).

If the non-human path is chosen, it is possible to fight former party members.

Human Characters[]