Herb Extract.jpg

Herb Extract


Restores 90 HP to single target


50 Dagols (sells for 25)



Map Location

See below


"Healing medicine made with five herbs including Aloe. Sufficient for minor scrapes."
—Details Window

Herb Extract is a common healing item that can be found in many places throughout Radiata Stories. There are three versions, after the basic type, each healing more and more HP per application: Herb Extract S (300 HP), Herb Extract DX (800 HP), and Herb Extract Max (all HP).


Map Locations[]

Radiata Castle x6, Blade Pharmacy, Eisenhower Pharmacy, Levante General Store, Beast Pit, Theater Vancoor x3, Vareth Magic Institute, Olacion Order, Dova Region, Elf Region, Tria Region, Tria Village, Ocho Region, Gehrmann's home, City of Flowers, Dwarf Tunnel I x2

Battle Drops[]

Adele Russell, Aegenhart, Aldo, Albert, Alvin, Bligh, Bran, Brockle, Charlie, Christoph, Claudia, Clive, Cornelia/Rachel, Cosmo, David, Dennis, Derek, Dimitri, Donovitch, Edgar, Elef, Elmo, Felix, Female Knight A & B, Flau, Flora, Franklin, Franz, Gehrmann, Gene, Giga Ant, Giske, Golly, Gonber, Goo, Gordon, Golye, Gregory, Grigory, Grim Reaper, Hip, Howard, Hyann, Jared, Jill, Junzaburo, Keaton, Leonard Ford, Lufa, Lunbar, Lyle, Male Knight A & B, Marietta, Marke, Mason, Mikey, Militarat, Mook, Nina, Naom, Oleg, Ridley Silverlake, Rolec, Round Knight A-D, Santos, Sarval, Sergei, Stefan, Stein, Trent, Ursula, Vladimir, Wal, Wyze