Ganz under the effects of freeze.

Freeze is one of the possible afflictions to be caught in battle. When frozen, you be immobilised. When someone is frozen, they are unable to move from the position they were in when hit with the affliction and they turn a very pale blue, as if they were covered in ice. The ice covering tends to have an anime-style funny face on it.

Freeze will end after 30 seconds. It can also be broken sooner by moving the left analog stick or mashing the attack buttons.

Curing and Preventing Freeze[]

Heating Tablets, Sage and Cleansing Stones will cure frozen allies. Invincibility Medicine can protect you against freeze for 60 seconds.

Skill-wise, Prevent Freeze is good if you're about to face an opponent you know is strong with freeze. Stop Afflictions or Status Cure is better if you're uncertain or about to face an opponent that inflicts multiple afflictions.

The armours Absolute Guard, Robot Suit and Demon Mail resist all afflictions, including freeze. The armours Sharkskin and Alefstrain protect against just freeze, while the Divine Coat protects against both freeze and petrify.

Inflicting Freeze[]

Snow Powder is the only item capable of inflicting freeze, but the following weapons have a chance of leaving an enemy with it: Deep Lance, Aqua Spear, Leviathan and Icicle Axe.

The skill Bad Carrier will randomly inflict an ailment on your opponent, including freeze.

Party Members with Freeze Attacks[]

Of the people you can recruit, the following have attacks that can inflict freeze: Anastasia, Faraus, Felix, Fernando, Gareth, Nyx, Rynka, Walter, Few and Gil.

Enemies that can Inflict Freeze[]