The Forest Metropolis is the haven of the Dark Elves and is located in the Nowem Region. Upon first seeing it, Jack comments that is like the forts he built as a little kid. Like the forest it is in, the Metropolis has many fall colors, and is a very natural looking structure.

There are three full floors of the Metropolis, and one cellar that really doesn't constitute a floor on its own.

The main room of the first floor contains a large communal table, a fire place and a small general goods store run by the elf Marsha . A small boy elf named Coco hangs around the fire and the table most of the time. Also here is Hyann, from whom Jack can buy lottery tickets.

Upon first entering the main room, there is a door to the right that leads to a small hallway. The only door leads to the brewery, where Chatt , Mikey and Zida can often be found. A staircase at the end leads to the cellar. Another door from the main room is right behind Marsha's table, which leads to the Kitchen, where Lufa can be found.

Off of the main room there are two staircases that lead to the second floor. The one at the far left leads to two rooms, which – other than for the sake of exploring or possibly finding Clarence or Serva (early in the game) – hold little purpose. The other staircase leads to three more rooms and a staircase. Two of these rooms are like the other rooms, but one is used by Jack early in the game to save and sleep. The Dark Elf Band of Santos, Martinez, and Rika can usually be found in the hallway or the room to the far left. The staircase to the third floor here leads to the Elder's Room where Lord Nogueira (and Genius Weissheit during the Rose Cochon's stay there) can be found before the Blood Orcs attack. Also here is a storeroom.

If Jack chooses the human path he will not be able to return to the Forest Metropolis. If he chooses the non-human path, he can return as often as he likes.


Items that can be found in this area:[]


  • According to one of the Elves, the Metropolis was created due to Dark Elves not be accepted by Light Elves or Humans alike causing Lord Nogueira to create a haven for them. Over time however, Light elves seem to have overcome this prejudice.