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Head Priestess



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Robe of Order, Miracle Amulet


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Confuse Gas, Light of Life SE, Purified Rain SE

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Olacion Order, Old Faction


Flora is a recruitable character in Radiata Stories. She serves as the head priestess of the Olacion Order, alongside Achilles who acts as the head priest. She is a part of Olacion Order's Old Faction, led by Fernando, alongside Achilles, Alvin, Edgar and Godwin and is roommates with the nurse Synelia who works for Dr. Morfinn at the clinic. She keeps a portrait of her father as a personal keepsake, although she has lost it at the beginning of the game.

Friends Book[]

Head priestess of the Olacion Order. Only daughter of Rivera, a famous doctor who is said to have the "hands of the gods". She has her father's skills and intelligence, though one would not think so to look at her. A caring person, she devotes herself to helping others.

Game Data[]



Type Element Range Description Effect
Confuse Gas Attack None Long Throws confuse powder at the foe. Also inflicts slight physical damage. Confuse 2.0
Light of Life SE Restore None N/A A celestial miracle greatly heals party members. Her purity can work miracles. Restores 70% of Target's Maximum HP
Purified Rain SE Cure None N/A Celestial power cures the afflictions of party members. When the going gets tough... Cures Entire Party's Status Ailments


Name Element Description Effect
Robe of Order None A robe worn by the priests of the Olacion Order. Made from linen, it is light, cool and comfortable. N/A
Miracle Amulet None A charm that makes the gods hear your prayers. Invokes miracles quickly when equipped. Decreases spellcasting time


Level HP Attack Defense Evasion Luck
5 112 40 36 60 58
25 603 85 92 110 93
50 1218 141 163 174 138
75 1833 198 234 237 183
99 2424 252 302 298 226
Skill Skill Level
Status Cure *
Thought Process
Passive > Passive > Timid

Kick Duel Stats[]

Party Members EXP Dagols Dropped Items Dropped
Flora, Heavy Guardsman (x3) 44 126 Herb Extract


Flora is an extremely invaluable healer in the early portions of the game. Light of Life is the single strongest healing spell in the game, its only downfall being that it targets only one party member at a time, as opposed to Moonlit Life. She is also one of the few party members to possess a spell that heals status ailments.

Flora's only notable downfall is that she pales in comparison to priests such as Kain or Miranda, whom have more offensive capabilites in addition to healing spells. Flora's only attack is Confuse Gas, which causes an extremely minimal amount of damage in addition to the easily-resisted Confuse status. In addition, Flora has poor HP and Defense, which can put her in danger when confronted with mobile enemies or attacks with a wide hit radius.



Level Timing
N/A Friend Tutorial


Step 1 Talk to Flora to learn that she has lost her father's picture.
Step 2 Talk to Synelia at the reception desk in Morfinn's clinic between 10:00 and 15:00 to obtain the picture.
Step 3 Give the picture back to Flora.