The light elves, dark elves, Parsec, Jack, and Ridley meet in Fort Helencia

Fairy Creatures – sometimes called non-humans by Humans – is what any creature capable of logical reasoning outside of the human race is called in Radiata Stories. The races included under this title are the Light Elves, Dark Elves, Dwarves, Green Goblins, Black Goblins, Blood Orcs, and Green Orcs.

After the death of Baade at the hands of Cross Ward, the light elves, led by Lord Zane, take over Fort Helencia and use it as their base camp in the war with the humans.

Previous to the split in the game, you can recruit twenty-one fairy creatures to your party. Choosing the Human Path loses you the ability to call upon any of your fairy creature allies or gain any more. Choosing the Fairy Path loses you all of your human allies (except for Ridley Silverlake, Ganz Rothschild and Gawain Rothschild) and you're no longer able to recruit any new ones. However, the fairy creatures boast the strongest fighter, Galvados, as well as the third (JJ) and fourth (Dyvad).