Dwarves are a race in Radiata Stories. The Dwarves live in Earth Valley, where they have carved out a city and a large mining opperation. Most of the Dwarves that live in Earth Valley either mine or smith weapons for trading with the humans. Currently, Gonovitch serves as the Dwarven leader. According to Dyvad, dwarves have better noses than most Fairy Creatures which makes digging for metal easy for them.

In both the Human Path and the Fairy Path, the dwarves are overtaken by the Radiata Knights. They are enslaved and are forced to work for the humans. Among the invaders are General Dynas Stone and Cross Ward. After hearing of the enslavement by Donovitch, Jack goes with him back to Earth Valley and try to stop the knights. When they arrive, Baade, the Earth Dragon, in the form of a dwarf, arrives and kills some of the knights. Eventually, all of the knights come out of the city, and the Earth Dragon changes into it's true form.

Due to an orb Cross carries on his person, the Earth Dragon turns to stone and crumbles. Donovitch loses all hope for his people's freedom and goes back to Earth Valley alone.

If you follow the Nonhuman Path, you will eventually be able to recruit some dwarves, which escape to Fort Helencia.

Known Dwarves[]