Dark Elf

The Dark Elves are a mix of Light Elves and Humans. They were created when a Light Elf King fell in love with a human bride. It is believed that this also created the mysterious disease known as Algandars. The Dark Elves currently live in their city known as Forest Metropolis. At the beginning of the game, the dark elves are under the care of Lord Nogueira, who is a light elf. Lord Nogueira dies before the split of Algandars.

After the split, the nonhuman faction took over Fort Helencia.

Known Dark Elves[]

Enemy Stats (Human Path only)[]

Specific dark elves appear in various places, but the general dark elf creature as it is alone seems to only be in the Dorse region.

Defeating a Dark Elf has a 3% chance of getting a Sage. Experience is usually around 743 and dagols around 380. (Please note that these figures can change depending on your characters' luck scores and any items you might be carrying.)

Dark elves have a 50% resistance to Death.

Level HP Strength Defence Evasion Luck
28 1249 151 90 106 109

Moves Element Range Power Other
Fireball Fire Long 1.2 Blaze (1.0)
Healing -- -- -- Recover 20% max HP