Cepheid of Great Skies and Vicissitude is the wind dragon and protector of the elves.

Human Path[]

During the Human Path, Cepheid kills many Radiata Knights and injures General Dynas Stone and Captain Cross Ward before Jack Russell kills both Cepheid and the Light Elf assassin Gil.

Fairy Path[]

In the Fairy Path Cepheid is slayed by the Knights while Gil leads the Light Elf forces in the capturing of Fort Helencia.

Dragon Lair Cave[]

Once they player completes either storylines they can face Cepheid and the other dragons in the Dragon Lair Cave.

When defeated Cepheid says "A distorted world gives birth to distorted creatures. But who is it that is distorted? Us, or you?" When the other three elemental dragons are defeated aswell the player can face Radian and once the Ethereal Queen is beaten the player can face all the dragons again.


In battle Cepheid starts off using a wind shield that covers its whole body. The player and their party have to go to the edge of the map to attack Cepheid. Once enough damage has been dealt, Cepheid will lose the shield and go from the largest dragon to the smallest.



  • During the fight in the Human Path, the Light Elf assassin Gil fights alongside Cepheid, leading some to believe that Gil was to serve as the vessel for Cepheid, but this is highly unlikely as it is only the twin dragons the require a vessel; not the elemental dragons. The elemental dragons only have alternate forms.
  • Cepheid is the only dragon that fights with an ally.
  • Cepheid is also the only Dragon that is fought in two different forms.