Cairn Russell
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Killed the Water Dragon prior the events of the game


Radiata Knights, Fairy Creatures


"I am Cairn Russell! The ultimate warrior!"
—Cairn Russel

Cairn Russell is the father of Jack and Adele Russell.

Life and Death[]

Considered a legend through the whole country of Radiata, he fought against the Water Dragon (as shown in the intro movie to the game) 16 years before the events of Radiata Stories. He possessed a powerful sword known as the Arbitrator, which was later passed to Jack after he died.

Cairn was infected with the Algandars plague not long after his killing of the water dragon, which is the catalyst for Zane's decision to have him assassinated.

Cairn was best friends and a fellow knight with Gawain, and is generally considered to have been one of the best knights to ever serve. Most people believe it was Gawain who killed him, but the truth is that the Light Elf assassin Gil was sent to do the deed and Gawain had been aware of the threat but didn't warn Cairn, so he believes himself to be the guilty one.

Jack is only able to successfully extort the story of his father's death from Gawain if the player elects to follow Ridley during the split in the game.

Distortion Corridor[]

Cairn in Distortion Corridor.

It is possible to fight and defeat Cairn in the secret dungeon, Distortion Chamber. He fights using the Arbitrator, and is equipped with the skill Stop Affliction, which prevents any stat affliction.

Upon defeating Cairn, you will receive approximately 50,625 EXP, a Strength Berry and a Training Device. You get no dagols from this fight.

Level HP Attack Defence Evasion Luck
71 17,000 322 240 303 265

Moves Element Range Power Effect
Shadow Cut -- Long 0.7 1~3 hits
Strange Thorn Flash -- Long 1.2 Break Parry
Whirlwind Cut -- Long 1.0 Knock Back
Swift Fissure Destruction -- Long 1.5 1~2 hits
Wicked Blade Peak 1 -- Long 0.9 Hit 1 of 9
Wicked Blade Peak 2 -- Long 1.0 Hit 2 of 9
Wicked Blade Peak 3/4 -- Long 1.2 Hits 3 & 4 of 9
Wicked Blade Peak 5 -- Long 1.4 Hit 5 of 9
Wicked Blade Peak 6/7 -- Long 1.0 Hits 6 & 7 of 9
Wicked Blade Peak 8 -- Long 1.4 Hit 8 of 9, Launch
Wicked Blade Peak 9 -- Long 1.3 Hit 9 of 9


  • It's not clear if Cairn is really encountered in the Distortion Corridor, or if it's simply an illusion of him.