Battle at Lupus Gate
Lupus Battle.jpg

Human-Fairy Creatures War


Lupus Gate, Radiata


Invasion of Radiata was successfully warded off and the Fairy creatures effectively lost the war, with the death of Lord Zane, and the Blood Orc leader Galvados, along with a large force of non-human warriors.


Humans, Royal Radiata Knights

Fairy Creatures


Captain Cross Ward, Captain Jack Russell

Lord Zane, Galvados


At least 2 Brigades

  • Noire Mounton Brigade
  • Jack's Brigade

Several Green Orcs, Dwarves, Green Goblins, Light Elves, Dark Elves and at least 3 Blood Orcs


many Knights

Most, if not all

"Tomorrow, the nonhumans will launch a massive attack on Radiata. It will be the biggest battle the world has ever seen"
Gawain Rothschild

The Battle at Lupus Gate is a Human Path storyline event in Radiata Stories.

Prelude to Battle[]

The night before the battle, Ridley Silverlake, escorted by Gawain Rothschild, visited Jack Russell in Radiata with the reason of needing to see if she was still human. When she left Jack's house he tried to follow her and became enraged when he saw Gawain. To stop Jack from yelling that they were in the city and to prove he was not fighting for the non-humans cause he told Jack of the Fairy Creatures plans to attack Radiata in an attempt to wipe out the humans.

Jack then told Prime Minister Larks and Cross Ward. With Cross' objections and Lord Lucian's advisement, Larks ordered Cross and Jack to assemble their troops and guard Lupus Gate.

Attack on Lupus Gate[]

The next morning the non-human assault started. A runner informs Lord Larks of the start of the battle which caused Larks to order the defenders of the other three gates to Lupus Gate to stop the Fairy Creatures from getting into the city.

Jack, who was having doubts about the war, could not bring himself to fight. It is not until he saw the Blood Orc Galvados that he joined the battle. After defeating Galvados, Zane approached Jack and told him about how humanity has destroyed the world and caused his Algandars infection, then vows to wipe out all humans and attacks Jack. Zane is beaten, weaken by his fight with Jack. He succumbs to his infection and dies as the humans cheer in victory.


With the death of Zane and the crushing defeat of the non-human army the humans effectively won the war. After the battle the surviving Knights witnessed the Silver Dragon Aphelion flying over head. Cross and the remaining members of the Noire Mounton Brigade pursued the Dragon. Realizing Cross and the Dragon were going to the same place Ridley was, he to decided to follow.