Baade vs the Radiata Knights outside Earth Valley

Baade of Fertile Soil and Quickening Life is the Earth Dragon and protector of the Dwarves. He appears only once in attempt to free the dwarves, but gets "killed" by Cross Ward.

Baade in dwarf form.

Dragon Lair Cave[]

Baade in the Dragon Lair Cave

Once they player completes either storylines they can face Baade and the other dragons in the Dragon Lair Cave.

When defeated Baade says "My duty is done. If you are a true warrior, you will encounter the imperious dragon" When the other three elemental dragons are defeated aswell the player can face Radian and once the Ethereal Queen is beaten the player can face all the dragons again.


Defeating Baade earns the player approximately 30,990 EXP, 6,358 dagols and a Defense Berry. Don't bother with afflictions, since Baade, like the other dragons, is immune. Baade has the skill Auto Cure, so he will regularly regain lost HP.

Level HP Attack Defence Evasion Luck
58 10,000 334 409 36 400
Moves Element Range Power Effect
Crush Tail Earth Long 1.5 Break Parry, Knock Back
Earthquake Earth -- 0.6 Bind (1.0), Launch
Ash Stone Breath Earth Long 0.7 Petrify (2.0)
Dragon Head Earth Long 1.3 Break Parry, Knock Back