Aphelion is the Silver Dragon, one of two Dragons that are responsible for the humans, and restarting Tottaus in the event of cosmic unbalance.

During the events of the game Radiata Stories, Aphelion is in the vessel of a high-ranking individual at Radiata Castle named Lucian. Under this guise, Aphelion manipulates events in order to exterminate the dragons in order to give humanity a chance to shine without being exterminated to maintain order.

In his true form, Aphelion appears as a humanoid, bipedal dragon with black smoky wings; he is clothed in a fanciful and ornate silver robe.


Move Element Range Arc Power Back Effect
Black Demon Swords None Long 0 1.3 1 Curse (100%), Knock Back.
Counter Wing None Long 90 0.8 1.3 Break Parry, Knock Back.
Blade Omega None Long 0 0.2 0.8 1-10 hits, Break Parry, Down-Hit.
Dark Catastrophe None Long 0 1 1 Petrify (150%), Ignore Parry, Launch, 6 Random Locations.
Rolling Bolt None Long 0 1.3 1 Bind (150%), Break Parry.
Teleport --- --- --- --- --- Vanish & Reappear


Start the battle by immediately attacking with Jack or Gruel's Volty Blast. Use it again as soon as the Volty Gauge is full. Avoid using Links throughout the battle to ensure the Volty Gauge steadily increases instead of rapidly decreasing. Equip Jack with the Fierce Defense Skill. so he can resist Parry Breaks. Stay to the front of the boss and attack with single-hit blows, and then immediately Guard to stop Aphelion's attack. Attempt to position Jack so that he's the only character at Aphelion's front. The other characters can then attack his back without suffering grievous amounts of damage.

Throughout the battle, keep a very close eye on everyone's HP. There's likely no healer in the group, so Jack must keep everyone alive. Use Herb Extract MAXs to heal single characters, or a Revival Stone to cure the entire group when necessary. Always heal as soon as a character's life begins to flash, but try to be a little conservative so that the group doesn't run out of heals before the battle's end.

Aphelion's attack pattern changes approximately halfway through the fight. He adds magic attacks that have the power to Petrify, Bind, and Curse Lose the Fierce Defense Skill and equip Stop Afflictions or Status Cure in its place. The Demon Mail resists these effects, but not completely. The added Skill nullifies the status attacks and keeps Jack fighting. Keep an eye on Jack's companions, who may not be so lucky. Be ready to fix them if necessary. The magic attacks complicate things slightly, because the dragon can attack everyone rather than just the person to its front. Be diligent and keep the healing items flowing. Use status-curing items to free anymore that's taken out of the battle temporarily. Ganz is particularly vulnerable to such attacks, so you may want to feed him an Invincibility Med or two.


Aphelion when being attacked by a party member's Volty Blast