Anastasia Ryan
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Olacion Order, Radiata City





Physical description



Peacock Garb, Beckoning Cat


Luck Plus


Divine Statue, Icy Blizzard SE, Light of Life SE, Fog of Chaos SE, VOLTY BLAST Charming Voice

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Olacion Order


Anastasia Ryan (アナスタシア・ライアン)is the archbishop of the Olacion Order and current head of the Ryan Clan, which holds the crest of the Jaguars of the East. Her New Faction raises funds by dealing in "miracle remedies". She is on bad terms with Fernando, who represents the conservative Old Faction. The most important things in her life are herself and money.



  • Level: 25
  • Timing: After the Crocogator Hide squad mission
  • 10000 Dagols


  1. Talk to Anastasia in her room between 2:15pm and 9:20pm
  2. Find Lulu, and talk to her.
  3. Find Zeranium, and talk to him.
  4. Visit the Faid General Store during regular hours.
  5. Purchase the key there for 10000 Dagols.
  6. Talk to Anastasia again


Name Type Element Range Description Effect
Divine Statue Attack None Long Throws a divine statue for a sinful attack. She is not a faithful believer. None
Icy Blizzard SE Attack None Long

Circular AOE

A celestial miracle unleashes a blizzard that freezes the foe. Freeze 3.0
Light of Life SE Restore None N/A A prayer that heals party members. The gods treat everyone equally. Restores 70% of Target's Maximum HP
Fog of Chaos SE Attack None Long

Circular AOE

A prayer unleashes a creepy fog that wraps around and confuses the foe. Confuse 3.0
Charming Voice Volty Blast None Single-target A volty blast in which she unleashes a laser from her mouth with divine assistance. None
Skill Skill Level
Luck Plus **
Thought Process
Brave > Brave > Brave


Level HP Attack Defense Evasion Luck
30 4870 125 0 6 111
50 5907 179 0 24 111
75 7204 246 0 48 111
99 8449 312 0 71 111


Anastasia can be recruited very early on and is very strong for the time she becomes available. She is not only a strong healer, but she possesses a powerful ranged attack, two AOE status ailments (one of them Freeze,) and more HP than a small moon. She may also be the first character you permanently recruit to have a Volty Blast. As time goes by, however, her disadvantages become more and more obtrusive: her non-HP stats are very low, she cannot cure status effects, and worst of all, she will refuse to listen to any Commands other than "Go Nuts" or "Use Volty Blast." As you cannot Command her to heal or otherwise support, she is ill-suited to be a primary healer, and her attacks and parameters make her similarly ill-suited to be a primary damage-dealer. On the other hand, she attacks quickly and consistently and her Volty Blast is quite strong (not to mention hilarious,) so if you already have a strong healer and fighter in your party, Anastasia can contribute to both causes most adequately.


Time Location
12:00am-6:40am Anastasia's House
6:40am-7:00am Olacion Order Shrine
7:00am-7:20am Mortal Tree Hallway
7:20am-8:00am Anastasia's Room
8:00am-8:20am Mortal Tree Hallway
8:20am-9:10am Olacion Order Shrine
9:10am-9:30am Path to the Sun
9:30-10:00am Vancoor Square
10:00am-10:15am Yellow Two of Sun and Glory
10:15am-12:00pm San Patty Accessories
12:00pm-12:15pm Yellow Town of Sun and Glory
12:15pm-12:45pm Vancoor Square
12:45pm-1:05pm Path to the Sun
1:05pm-1:55pm Olacion Order Shrine
1:55pm-2:15pm Mortal Tree Hallway
2:15pm-6:25pm Anastasia's Room
6:25pm-8:00pm Treasury
8:00pm-9:20pm Anastasia's Room
9:20pm-9:40pm Mortal Tree Hallway
9:40pm-10:00pm Olacion Order Shrine
10:00pm-12:00am Anastasia's House


  1. Anastasia is the only character in the game to have 0 DEF and never gain a single point of it as she levels.
  2. Anastasia is the only character in the game to have two "static" stats (parameters they do not gain a point in as they level). Anastasia gains no DEF nor LUK by leveling.
  3. At max level, Anastasia has the highest HP count in the game by about 2000 HP.
  4. Anastasia's Volty Blast seems to be inspired by Shoop da Whoop's "IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR" meme.
  5. Perhaps due to her appearance, Anastasia is often unflatteringly nicknamed "Jabba" by fans of the game.